Kennel New Construction
Pasadena, CA

This project involved the conversion of a single family residence and garage; a non-conforming property located within a light industrial zone in east Pasadena, into a kennel for dogs rescued from Los Angeles and Kern County animal shelters. The project included upgrading and renovating the house for the client to act as on-site caretaker, converting the garage into an office and grooming facility, and adding 34 new kennel runs encircling two outdoor play yards. The entire site was made accessible, including a new parking area in the front of the lot, new walkways surrounding the facility, and a new accessible restroom in the office. Much care was given to securing the lot and keeping the animals safe. One of the kennel buildings was kept separate from the rest and is designed for the care of sick animals. The runs are all “exterior” runs with a heated cubby for the animals to occupy during inclement weather.

project team: tracy stone, donatella cusma
renderings by mackenzie king