Kennel New Construction
Construction Completed 1999
Burbank, CA

Tucked into an industrial neighborhood alongside the Santa Ana Freeway, the building redefines the standard for kennel facilities. The building stands between the street and the actual kennels, and serves as a transition between the two. The lobby has large windows which face into the courtyard of the dogs, who are to be found playing, swimming in the pool, or lounging. The kennels wrap around a center courtyard which is used as a play yard for the dogs during the day. The rolling rockscape of the yard is designed to provide maximum exercise for the dogs in a small area. The residence opens onto a private terrace facing west, away from the noise and the kennels. The kitchen opens entirely onto the terrace and becomes an outdoor room. The upstairs apartment takes on a loft-like appearance with exposed roof rafters and concrete floors.

project team: tracy stone
photos by gerard vuilleumier