Kennel New Construction
Orange County, CA

The Clark Construction team proposed a new Orange County Animal Care Center that creates an engaging and efficient community-oriented shelter facility. The new shelter is designed to welcome the community into a bright, calm environment integrated with an exterior park-like landscape. The opportunity to delight in, and to interact with, adoptable animals will entice them to visit often. This facility will operate as a true community resource, offering a variety of state-of-the-art services in an energy and water-efficient structure.

The experience starts with a view from the street of a readily identifiable building branded with bright colors and an entry forecourt that readily transforms from parking lot to adoption fair and back again as needed. A separate intake entrance is clearly delineated from the primary entrance, and is located adjacent to the medical area and just down the hall from impound receiving and the private kennel access door. Visitors enter the main building under a large canopy and move quickly into a double height lobby space, brightly lit from above with bands of clerestory windows and lined with views of cat and rabbit displays, visiting rooms, and a volunteer station.

Adopters are invited to engage visually with the animals through colorful windows into adjacent animal holding areas and to enter the various rooms to meet individual animals. The lobby leads directly to the exterior kennels through a large wall of glass.

The public exterior kennels are located along the north-east property line, adjacent to the new Bell Ave. The site is securely enclosed and landscaped but offers tantalizing glimpses through to the kennel areas from the street, enticing visitors to stop in and visit with the animals. The kennel buildings themselves orient due N-S so that each kennel receives equal exposure to both sun and shade. The kennel buildings include both an interior (conditioned) space for animals and visitors, as well as exterior kennel runs. The angled orientation relative to the building itself activates the kennel area, providing ever-changing views to dogs as the visitors move from the lobby, through the “great lawn area”, past the exotic animal enclosure, and into the kennels themselves. Small “get-acquainted” enclosures, surrounded by landscaping, occupy the spaces between kennel buildings. A large exercise area separates the staff parking lot from the kennels, and offers drivers on Bell Ave views of the joyful dogs playing, running or snoozing in the sun.

project team: clark construction, RBB architects, tracy stone, mackenzie king
renderings by mackenzie king