Commercial Tenant Improvement
Design Development 2017
Studio City, CA

The design proposes a reconstruction of much of the existing building; the first floor street elevation is completely rebuilt with a steel frame, translucent glass walls, and a wood screen to address all structural concerns. The upper walls are clad in new hybrid wood siding and outfitted with new windows, and the lower floor walls are enclosed with glass so that the building appears to hover above the street. A portion of the lower street facade is removed entirely and replaced with a recessed garden entry and new accessible ramp. The low ceiling over the center office is raised. The roof overhangs are “clipped” back flush with the walls to provide a clean, modern look.

A portion of the center of each floor is removed to create a three-story garden space housing the new stair connecting all three floors. The garden offers new spaces for informal meetings and work. A three-story biofiltration wall along one side punctuates the garden and helps to purify the air in the office.

project team: tracy stone, mackenzie king