Commercial Tenant Improvement
Sherman Oaks, CA

TCup Couture is a high end dog boutique selling both dog accessories and "t-cup" dogs in a luxurious setting. The dogs are featured in a tempting display wall that accentuates their tiny cuteness, at the same time minimizing the intrusion of noise and odor. High end accessories such as jewelry, bags, and matching dog and human apparel are displayed in a luxurious setting, meant to appeal to A-list clientele. Bamboo is stained a rich brown as a sensuous accent in the client's preferred palette of turquoise, hot pink, and brown. The store also includes multiple plush play areas for customers and dogs to get acquainted. The design is a whimsical blend based on the client's fondness for contemporary pop and ancient regal aesthetics. The fleur-de-lis patterned panel backs a chrome logo in old English type, and glittering chandeliers hang over sleek steel display stands.

project team: tracy stone, donatella cusma, sameena sitabkhan
renderings by tracy stone, mackenzie king