Tracy A. Stone Architect alongside Framatic's David Dedlow was chosen as the winner for the Elysian Valley neighborhood in NELA's Riverfront Collaborative Place-making Design Competition. The team collaborated in designing a rest stop along the LA River bike path connecting the pedestrians, bikers, and locals of Elysian Valley.

The public bike path along the Elysian Valley stretch of the L.A. River is squeezed into a 12' strip of asphalt paving between the River's steep embankment on one side and the walls and fences of the industrial properties on the other. Speeding bikes and strolling pedestrians find themselves at odds on the shared roadway, and the River is both visually and functionally cut off from the surrounding businesses and neighborhood. Our project proposed a public/ private partnership that could help relieve this conflict, encourage private property owners to turn their face rather than their back to the River, & create a model for gateways from the river to the private development along it's edge.

project team: david dedlow, tracy stone, mackenzie king, candice myers, blaise fremont