Residential Addition + Remodel
Altadena, CA

This addition and remodel of a 1950's era bungalow replaces a badly constructed addition by a previous owner, and opens up the house to the large rear yard and original pool with a series of cascading decks. With the addition of only 735 sf of interior space, this dark little house is transformed into a spacious, modern paragon of indoor/outdoor living. The original 1950's house was retained except for the removal of the core of closets in the center. The badly constructed split level addition of family room and guest room at the south end was replaced with a two level kitchen and workshop extension and cascading decks. The bedrooms were extended 9 feet to the north and a master bath and walk-in closet added. A large bike shed houses the 6 bicycles of this active couple.

The front of the house is extended slightly to expand the master bedroom, and the roof is opened up for dramatic high ceilings and a modern profile that incorporates a new carport. Concrete planters establish a strong horizontal baseline. An island of closets was removed from the center of the original house, opening up a large airy living/dining area with a step up to the new kitchen and breakfast nook. A trio of glass doors open up to the deck and the yard beyond. The original fireplace is framed by a new cabinet piece with sheet steel doors that swing open to reveal the large screen television and audio equipment. The client's interest in an industrial aesthetic lead to the design of a number of custom steel pieces that he could build himself.

project team: tracy stone, jennifer gilman
renderings by jennifer gilman, mackenzie king