Historic Preservation
Los Angeles, CA

The Forthmann Carriage House was moved from 18th street in downtown Los Angeles to its current location in Angelino Heights on March 27, 2006. It is currently undergoing restoration and reconstruction on its new site, a sloping lot with spectacular views of the downtown skyline. The first floor, the original carriage area, was thoroughly documented, deconstructed, and moved in pieces along with the second story. The second story had long ago been converted to an apartment. The building had been vacant for so long that none of the remaining interior structure was deemed original and/or significant. The mandate of the new project is to sensitively adapt the carriage house to its new site (including adding a new window to take advantage of the views), to restore all extant historic fabric, and to add new elements according to the Secretary of the Interior's standards as required to create a new residence with attached garage.

design team: tracy stone, donatella cusma, mackenzie king
renderings by mackenzie king