Historic Preservation/Residential New Construction
Permitting 2016
Highland Park, CA

The contributing historic structure is located on a downward sloping, irregularly shaped interior through lot. Originally developed with a single family dwelling accessed off one street, there was also a detached garage off the opposite side in need of significant structural repair due to the unreinforced concrete construction from 1913. The detached garage was inaccessible from the house and the lot except by walking along the street to get to stairs leading to the house. This made the garage uncomfortable to use at night when the hillside street was dark. The proposed construction added a new interior stair and second story studio space benched into the hillside to make better use of the otherwise unusable sloping back of the lot. To meet the preservation standards, the original garage was to be rebuilt with materials and details typical of the original garage and the second story had similar, yet simplified, take on the craftsman design.

project team: tracy stone, blaise fremont, mackenzie king
renderings by mackenzie king