Residential New Construction
Los Angeles, CA

The client came to us for a small lot subdivision. The property, located in historic Angelino Heights, was long and narrow with the existing single family home set to the rear of the lot. This left an expansive unoccupied front yard. The project goal was to subdivide the lot and to create a new, speculative single-family residence occupying the new front lot. The existing house at the rear has a simplified Spanish style with flat roof and stucco walls. The new house is designed as a contemporary interpretation of the California Spanish style with crisp white lines, some exposed wood detailing, and wood trellises. The new house features a front porch consistent with the neighborhood development, and wraps around a private patio that acts as the primary exterior living space. The main living spaces open out onto this patio, and the large windows encourage natural ventilation throughout. A small artists' studio occupies the second floor over the new garage.

project team: tracy stone, kelly mcconnaha
renderings by kelly mcconnaha