Residential New Construction
Hermosa Beach, CA

The site is a very small lot located on a narrow alley just a few blocks from the beach. Views are to the northwest and southwest around a 3 story apartment building across the alley. The lot just to the south is occupied by a one-story house, allowing access to sunlight for the southern elevation of the new house. The local building codes require that the first floor of a new house set back 10’ to allow for an additional parking space on the lot. The upper floors can extend out over this setback, resulting in a building profile that can look “top-heavy”. The clients wanted a “Cape Cod” style for their new home. The challenge of this project was to reference this traditional aesthetic with a structure adhering to a non-traditional profile created by the building code requirements.

In order to keep costs low, the bulk of the new house is contained within a simple gray stucco box. This volume is wrapped on two sides, west and south, with a crisply detailed white wood and steel frame housing a series of balconies and a glass-enclosed stair atrium. Entry to the house is half-way between the garage level and the 2nd floor, and opens into the glass atrium rising up through the house to culminate in a roof deck. The open living room, dining room and kitchen occupy the top level with views out the corners to the ocean and beach beyond.

project team: tracy stone, mackenzie king
renderings by mackenzie king