Small Lot Subdivision
Construction Anticipated 2017
Los Angeles, CA

6 single family dwellings
1900-2000sf w/ attached 2 car garage + roof decks
3 unit types

The project site slopes 12’ from the street to the alley running along the rear. The proposed project includes 6 independent single family homes created utilizing the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. The design locates 4 units with driveway access off Burlington and two with driveways off the alley (but with front doors accessed from Burlington). A side driveway leading to a central courtyard serves the upper complex. Each unit has 4 stories with a large deck on the fourth floor.

The design presents a clean, streamlined modernist viewpoint, with a palette of smooth stucco, painted siding, large window openings and dark trim. The front units were intentionally designed to appear as one building to give visual weight to the tall, thin homes. The entire complex uses a single material palette to unify the design.

project team: tracy stone, justin darrow
renderings by justin darrow