Small Lot Subdivision
Construction Completed 2016
Los Angeles, CA

3 single family dwellings
2200-2250sf w/ attached 2 car garage and roof deck
2 unit types + 1 subtype

The lot sits on a street largely developed with “dingbat” style apartment complexes. As a counterpoint to the typical small lot subdivision project, generally developed in a modern idiom, our client requested a more traditional style derived from east-coast “Cape Cod” houses. The houses encompass a generous 2200+ square feet in 3 stories, with a large “flexible” room on the ground floor, adjacent to the entrance, that can be used as a home office, a family room or a guest suite. The second floor houses the public rooms of the house in an open plan and features ceilings ranging from 8’-4” in the kitchen/dining room to 9’ in the living room. The third floor includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom. A 400 sf roof deck on each unit offers spectacular views from Century City to the Hollywood sign and all the way to downtown Los Angeles.

project team: tracy stone, mackenzie king, candice myers, blaise fremont
renderings by mackenzie king