Small Lot Subdivision
Construction Anticipated 2017
Los Angeles, CA

4 single family dwellings
1680-1715sf w/ attached 2 car garage
3 unit types

The project site sits in a dense urban multi-family neighborhood in transition. The proposed project includes 4 independent single family homes created utilizing the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. The design orients 1 unit with driveway access directly off Barton (utilizing an original curb cut) and three with garages facing a central court. Each unit has 3 stories with a series of small decks off each floor.

The design references an early modernist aesthetic, with large roof overhangs, corner and strip windows and a palette of smooth stucco and painted siding. The front unit includes a family room facing the street that opens to an enclosed patio/garden area.

project team: tracy stone, mackenzie king
renderings by mackenzie king