Small Lot Subdivision
Construction Anticipated 2017
Los Angeles, CA

8 single family dwellings
2180-2190 sf w/ attached 2 car garage and roof deck
2 unit types + 1 subtype

The proposed project includes 8 independent single family homes created utilizing the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. Four of the units have garages accessed off the alley to the rear, and four of them are accessed off a central driveway and court.

The design solution pairs two units together in four groups. Each pair is designed as a single composition. The resulting site appears to have 4 buildings rather than 8 individual units. The overall height and mass of the building is broken up by zones of wood siding defined by a sinuous line of dark trim. Large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors add to the modernist feel of the design.

project team: tracy stone, mackenzie king
renderings by mackenzie king